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Trade remedies and freeports

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Freeports - MTRA submission
Download DOCX • 116KB

Update October 2020: In Government's response to the freeports consultation ( MTRA were relieved to see that trade remedies will still be applied at freeports:

"The government intends to ensure trade remedies are applied to all goods subject to trade remedy measures whether imported to the UK’s customs territory, being subject to processing and/or being exported from a UK Freeport."

MTRA submitted comments in response to the government consultation on freeports in 2020. The comments related to questions 13 & 14 on the application of trade remedies in the context of freeports. The consultation document stated the HMG position that “freeports should not undermine the effectiveness of the UK’s trade remedies system” and the MTRA comments highlighted potential issues in relation to different scenarios and the possibilities for circumvention.

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